HomeGro - Now Available
  • 2x4x6.5 Hydro Grow Package


    2x4x7 Complete Grow Package - HomeGro

    HomeGro is the first of its kind, all in one package solution that automates the growing process for small scale indoor grow operations. Designed with the urban grower in mind; these automated systems dramatically reduce the time and cost of traditional indoor grow applications. Utilizing new LED technology, the HomeGro saves users both time and money.

    Simplified Growing
    The HomeGro incorporates automated timers to control and regulate the growth of plants, making maximized production a snap. By using the flexible settings, the HomeGro system is the ideal solution for the whole spectrum of users, from novice all the way to experienced growers.  

    All-In-One Package
    The HomeGro solution provides all the components necessary for prosperous plant growth; providing users and distributors a one-stop-shop option for indoor plant production, ultimately limiting the time and effort currently required for custom built solutions.


    ·         Reduces energy consumption by up to 70% when compared to traditional lighting solutions

    ·         Heavy Duty PVC structure

    ·         LED lighting reduces heating associated with typical lighting solutions by up to 90% and eliminates risk of overheating plants

    ·         All-in-one package allows users to begin growing immediately, simply supply the media and plants

    ·         Structure is shipped assembled, rest of unit goes together in less than 20min

    What’s Included:

    • Water pump

    • Air pump & air stone
    • All plumbing & connectors
    • Sump/water reservoir
    • Heavy duty PVC frame
    • 2 x Auto Drain Grow Beds
    • Pre-Programmed Electrical Timers
    • Surge Protector
    • Nutrients for three full grow cycles (vegetative, and bloom)
    • MUG LED Light - select 300W, 450W, or 600W MUG LED Lights

    • Reflective Mylar Grow Tent (48"x24"x84")
    • Inline and Circulating Fans
    • Rope Ratchets for LED Light
    • 6" Carbon Filter
    • Regular PRO CO2 Bucket
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