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  • 7x7x6.5 Hydro Grow Package


    7x7x6.5 Complete Grow Package - HomeGro RDWC – Undercurrent System

    The HomeGro RDWC is the first of its kind, all in one package solution for medium to large scale indoor growers. 

    Simplified Growing -  

    The modular design allows the HomeGro RDWC to be customized for any size of grow, allowing users to dictate the size and layout of their operation. When combined with our industry leading MUG LED lights and custom line of tent options, these systems enable users to maximize their grows with minimal effort. These systems require as little as 10 minutes of maintenance per week, all the while saving in excess of 70% on monthly electrical bills.

    Benefits -

    Customizable/scalable design allows users to control the number of plants and spacing between them. 

    Optimized growing environment results in 25% faster vegetative growth and increases in yields of up to 20%. 

    Harvest in as little as 3 months

    Scalable size allows for standard plant configurations starting at 4 grow buckets, allows system to be used in virtually any grow area. 

    A-la-carte option allows users to pick and choose their system from simply the grow system, all the way to complete packages with everything needed to start growing right out of the box, simply provide the plants. 

    Entire system, up to 12 plants, operates off a single standard electrical outlet

    What’s Included?

    Header reservoir

    •       6 Grow buckets (user selectable 4+) 

    Top feed watering manifold

    Grow pots (1 per/ grow bucket)

    Media (Hydrocorn)

    UV resistant plumbing and connectors

    •       Air pump & air stone

    Pre-programmed electrical light timers

    One sump per 12 grow buckets

    MUG LED Lighting - select 2 x 600W or 4 x 450W MUG LED Lights

    MUG Tent (7x7x6.5)

    Inline exhaust and circulating fans 

    One year of bloom and vegetative nutrients

    •       Rope ratchets for LED Light

    •       6" Carbon filter

    •       XL Pro CO2 Bucket

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