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  • HomeGro Cloner


    HomeGro Cloner

    The HomeGro Cloner is the ideal solution for those looking to retain current strains for future growing. With space to fit up to 12 clones, simply place the clippings in one of the available foam collars and apply the rooting hormone of your choice (can be sourced from any Hydroponic Grow Store). 

    The unit fits perfectly inside the HomeGro SOG reflective mylar tent (available in Tents from product drop-down) to ensure a controlled environment.

    What’s Included:

    ·         Water pump

    ·         Sump/water reservoir

    ·         Custom designed misting manifold

    ·        12 foam collars

    Live in Portland Metropolitan area and don't want to pay shipping? Contact us at support@myurbangreenhouse.com for in-store pickup!